ON/OFF Thin Headband

180 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
This ON/OFF Thin Headband is developed from the Regular ON/OFF Headband and it is thinner and more lightweight. One-size.
Always dry
The hydrophobic fiber wicks away sweat without absorbing it, even during excessive efforts. Say goodbye to the discomfort of heavy, damp, chafing sportswear that never dryes.
And always cool!
The targeted arrangement of the mesh fabric provides ventilation to specific area, helping to cool body temperature down quickly and also guaranteeing quick evacuation of moisture.
Pleasant to wear
For more comfort, the body is made using a soft, light, seamless of movement
Optimum thermoregulation
Its unique weaving pattern and its 1,000 alveoli promote air circulation and provide perfect balance between outside and inside
Fiber with antibacterial and anti-odor properties
The very nature of the fiber ensures efficient protection against bacteria and helps naturally fight the development of unpleasant odors and irritation.
On/Off Ventilation fiber 
Makes the concept of an ultralight HeadBand with unmatched comfort and that dries up to 7-times faster than a traditional HeadBand.
Lightness, ergonomy, performance and durability define this Compressport HeadBand.